Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Getting prepared

Ok so I am hoping to get a run on Baradin hold going later this week so I thought it would be proactive to find out about the encounter's first boss.

This is going to be a fight that will let us quickly know if we have the gear required for raiding in Cata

the first boss is called Argaloth.

Meteor Slash and Fel Firestorm are his major abilities

basic strategy is that we need to split the raid into two even groups. one on his left and one on his right. this is because of the Meteor Slash. Meteor Slash does a cone of damage in front of him that speads the damage out on everyone it hits.

so tanks will take turns in pulling agro so that he will hit left, right left, etc.

Now, every third of his health (so at 66% and 33%), he'll begin to channel Fel Firestorm. When this happens, spread out immediately. he will throw fire balls that light the ground on fire are your feat. so move in a way that you dont trap yourself behind walls of fire.

Tank spot has a nice raid guide on it with a video so you can see the encounter if you want to.  the more research about the fight the better prepared we will be so please take the time to watch the fight at least once.

Also if you would like to you can look into the tank spot guide to Occu'thar at the same time incase we get Argaloth down

Remember there is no presure and this is just a first attempt to really see who is keen and who is ready.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Let the Raiding begin!!!

Big achievement for guild last night. We had a nice smooth run on Obsidian Sanctum - 3 Drakes up

It is nice to see a good amount of regular player's online now.

And today we were able to power through a Vaults of Archadon and a Onxyia's Lair.

Later in the week my plans are to schedule a run through Ulduar, Trials of the champion or an Icream Citadel.  I will have something on the calendar for it so keep an eye out.

I will also have a run for the Obsidian Sanctum 3D going again for the next person to get the mount.

Friday, 9 September 2011

still working on holy priest

After seeing a lot of DK's online the last two days in the guild I have decided that I need to start focusing on getting my Priest back to my main. and also to bring my Druid upto 85 and start gearing her.

I am going to continue running Sanationem through regular cata instances, "hopefully with guild runs" and start collecting gear I can use for healing.  the reforged dps gear I had that wasn't good to start with isn't cutting it.

70k mana pool isn't enough and constanty drinking water to survive. lucky i have had good tanks so far that haven't complained yet.  I guess I am not doing heroics where most of the elitest jerks hang out.

Zathi is still sitting on level 82' I need to get this sorted as She is a much better healer then Sana

last note is we are still slowly leveling the guild and getting close to level 10. I am still continuing to recruit members and I am in the process of cleaning out the guild bank. so much junk in there that needed to be vendor'd or AH's - plus when did blizzard add the stacking of cut gems. so much space was wasted on single gem stacks

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Everything is looking good, we are having more member join and filling the ranks.  thanks all who have been putting in the work.

we will start running guild random reg, heroics, z'andoms and soon some Raiding.

also looking good for the level of the guild. we are getting through level 9 nicely.  also looking to be able to pick up the next bank tab soon.

I think I will have to get a guild member to sort out the bank as it needs an awesome clean up.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Nice guild achievement tonight thanks to Pick tanking for Me and Neil.

We managed to power through Heroic Zul'Aman and got Neil the achievement for DeeDeeKay as well as the guild achievement.

if we can keep this up we can start knocking out the other heroics and gear some more members geared up ready to raid.

Friday, 2 September 2011

New Members and Raiding

I would like to say welcome to the two new members who have joined us,

Deathdoc, Level 85 lock and Pick level 85 Pally Tank

I would also like to appologise for the lack of attendance as having my baby girl has been a little more time consuming then I first expected.  however I am back and I intend to get the regular guild runs going again and continue to recruit so that we can get some raiding going.

First objective is to pick up enough people to run a Weekend ICC runs and start to work as a team in a raiding situation. So please if you know anyony who is intersted in finding a friendly group of casual players then get them to contact Agallo, Zathi or one of the Officers.

I would also like to atempt getting Ulduar achivement runs going and try for the mount.