Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Getting prepared

Ok so I am hoping to get a run on Baradin hold going later this week so I thought it would be proactive to find out about the encounter's first boss.

This is going to be a fight that will let us quickly know if we have the gear required for raiding in Cata

the first boss is called Argaloth.

Meteor Slash and Fel Firestorm are his major abilities

basic strategy is that we need to split the raid into two even groups. one on his left and one on his right. this is because of the Meteor Slash. Meteor Slash does a cone of damage in front of him that speads the damage out on everyone it hits.

so tanks will take turns in pulling agro so that he will hit left, right left, etc.

Now, every third of his health (so at 66% and 33%), he'll begin to channel Fel Firestorm. When this happens, spread out immediately. he will throw fire balls that light the ground on fire are your feat. so move in a way that you dont trap yourself behind walls of fire.

Tank spot has a nice raid guide on it with a video so you can see the encounter if you want to.  the more research about the fight the better prepared we will be so please take the time to watch the fight at least once.

Also if you would like to you can look into the tank spot guide to Occu'thar at the same time incase we get Argaloth down

Remember there is no presure and this is just a first attempt to really see who is keen and who is ready.

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