Friday, 2 September 2011

New Members and Raiding

I would like to say welcome to the two new members who have joined us,

Deathdoc, Level 85 lock and Pick level 85 Pally Tank

I would also like to appologise for the lack of attendance as having my baby girl has been a little more time consuming then I first expected.  however I am back and I intend to get the regular guild runs going again and continue to recruit so that we can get some raiding going.

First objective is to pick up enough people to run a Weekend ICC runs and start to work as a team in a raiding situation. So please if you know anyony who is intersted in finding a friendly group of casual players then get them to contact Agallo, Zathi or one of the Officers.

I would also like to atempt getting Ulduar achivement runs going and try for the mount.

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