Friday, 9 September 2011

still working on holy priest

After seeing a lot of DK's online the last two days in the guild I have decided that I need to start focusing on getting my Priest back to my main. and also to bring my Druid upto 85 and start gearing her.

I am going to continue running Sanationem through regular cata instances, "hopefully with guild runs" and start collecting gear I can use for healing.  the reforged dps gear I had that wasn't good to start with isn't cutting it.

70k mana pool isn't enough and constanty drinking water to survive. lucky i have had good tanks so far that haven't complained yet.  I guess I am not doing heroics where most of the elitest jerks hang out.

Zathi is still sitting on level 82' I need to get this sorted as She is a much better healer then Sana

last note is we are still slowly leveling the guild and getting close to level 10. I am still continuing to recruit members and I am in the process of cleaning out the guild bank. so much junk in there that needed to be vendor'd or AH's - plus when did blizzard add the stacking of cut gems. so much space was wasted on single gem stacks

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